Plan Your Visit

Petrosains Science Festival 2016

Festival Essentials

This is where you check all your festival checklist and aim to have a good, smooth and enjoyable time during the festival!

1. Activities – Check out ALL the activities available so you won’t miss anything you like.
2. Tickets – Purchase your tickets early!
3. Venue – The festival is ongoing at three locations, make sure you know where to go.
4. Directions / Maps – It will be helpful to have the festival map, donwload here!
5. Clothes – Something comfortable for hot and sunny Kuala Lumpur, but do expect sudden downpour.
6. Shoes – Comfortable walking shoes would be nice.
7. Phone – So you can share precious experience with your friends, don’t forget the power bank as well!
8. Cash / Card – Surely you need some, inevitable.