1. When and where will the Petrosains Science Festival 2016 take place?

Venue Date
Galleria, Petrosains (indoor) 13 – 18 Sept 2016
Esplanade, Suria KLCC (outdoor) 16 – 18 Sept 2016


2. What is the Petrosains Science Festival?

The Petrosains Science Festival is Petrosains’ initiative to provide a unified platform for communities in the fields of science and technology, such as the industry players and science academia, to come together for the common purpose of engaging and inspiring the Malaysian public, especially the younger generation, to the wonders of science and technology. The festival is similar to other such events held in major cities such as Edinburgh, Manchester, New York and Singapore, and is another step taken by Petrosains to play our role as a leading science centre and important supporting component to the country’s educational landscape. Through this Festival, we hope to further contribute to the popularizing of science to the public that combines the engaging and interactive Petrosains approach with the day-to-day relevance that industry and academia partners will bring.


3. Why is a science festival important?

The Petrosains Science Festival is an extension of the science centre experience through a platform that has high reach and which often appeals to a broader audience segment. Just like science centres and other informal science learning institutions and events, science festivals can have significant impact particularly in terms of raising awareness and interest in science, and positively contributing and supporting an increase in scientific literacy.


With our partners from the science academia, research facilities, government agencies and industry, we hope to showcase science in a more exciting and approachable sense to all Malaysians with the hope of igniting and sustaining an interest and greater appreciation of science overall. Although science can sometimes be complex and challenging, everyone needs to understand and be adept at a base level of science knowledge and processes in order to effectively function and contribute in the modern world. For students pursuing higher education in science, it is important to also acknowledge the nature of science being constantly changing and fluid, and thus demanding continuous efforts towards the quest for understanding our natural and physical world. Science festivals which bring together scientists, academicians, practitioners, science communicators, and science enthusiasts provide opportunities, not only to have a clearer view of current science findings and how they are applied, but also provide a support network for continuing science education for everyone.


The Petrosains Science Festival for example provides numerous touch points that are easy to access, appeals to various age groups and interests, and are highly accessible to many and become gateways for the gaining of new knowledge and skills.


4. What are the benefits being a partner for this Festival?

Besides being recognized as a socially responsible organization participating in a community event, a partner gains massive brand exposure by engaging potentially 60,000 youth and family target groups during the 7-days school holidays in a high traffic area of KLCC through various activities such as interactive exhibitions, workshops, talks/forums, stage activities and many others. Media exposure is on a daily basis through multiple platforms ie. print, digital, radio and out of home media.


5. If I am not able to sponsor cash would Petrosains be open to any other arrangements?

We are open to any form of support and in-kind contribution but with cash sponsorship, partners can enjoy additional brand exposure and promotional mileage.


6. What are the activities lined up?
Visitors can look forward to a very interactive and engaging exhibition by festival partners throughout the festival at both locations. There will be exciting workshops, talks, forums and hands-on activities targeted to youths and families at the Petrosains Galleria. Meanwhile, at the KLCC esplanade, the area will be abuzz with partners’ activities, stage shows, engaging programs and various WOW performances related to the theme.


7. Who is the main target audience for the Petrosains Science Festival 2016?

The Festival’s main target audience this year is youth while keeping children and families as secondary target. In order to achieve our objective of spreading scientific literacy, engagement across all audiences particularly youths and adults who have probably left the formal education system is important.


8. Do visitors need to pre-register for the workshops/talk/forums?

It is recommended that visitors purchase online at http://www.petrosains.com.my/psf2016-workshops/ for workshops, talks and forums as the slots are on a first come first serve basis. Visitors can also register on the day of their visit.


9. Do visitors need to pay for admission?

Visitors can enjoy the weekend activities at the KLCC Esplanade for free.
At the Petrosains Galleria, admission fees are a nominal fee of RM 5 for all, and workshop fee is only at RM 10 per workshop. Normal admission fees apply for entry into Petrosains, the Discovery Centre.


10. How much time is recommended for a visit?

The KLCC Esplanade is all day from 10am to 10pm, while the galleria activities are planned from 9.30 – 6.30pm. Activities at Petrosains, the Discovery Centre are business as usual from 9.30am to 5.30pm on weekdays, and up till 6.30pm on Saturday and Sunday.


11. Who should I contact for more information?

Should you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach:

Hasnan Kadir
Direct: 603-23313888
Email: hasnan.kadir@petronas.com.my


Intan Srihana
Direct: 603-23318644
Email: intansrihana.daud@petronas.com.my